My Boracay Summer 2018 6-Day Itinerary

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Probably you are wondering why of all the places to go this summer, why did I choose Boracay despite of the negative issues? Well, I already planned this trip as early as August and I already have booked our roundtrip flights and transfers via BPHT.  Boracay is one of my favorite summer destinations– the primary reason why I decided to have the our 6-day summer vacation there is the awesome powdery white sand beach.  There is something enigmatic with this paradise– something unexplainable that makes me keep coming back.

Supposedly, I have an important even scheduled on the 30th of April, but it was rescheduled due to some problems.  Since the trip was already prepared, all I need is to enjoy this long vacation before I finally face work this summer.

I would like to take advantage of our long stay, that is why 3 different hotels were lined up for my hotel review.  Here is the 6-day itenerary for my summer vacation.

April 29, 2018

-Depart from Manila to Caticlan

I chose to have a morning flight to enjoy the rest of the day.  This time, not only hubby and I will travel, but my family members as well.  They will be in another plane via Kalibo in the afternoon.

boracay airport

-Check in to Fairways & Blue Water.


-Tour of Fairways & Blue Water for my hotel review.  I alloted the whole day just to roam around the place and see their different pools, restaurants, and other facilities.  I will also check their spa for my Spa Detective Series.

– Night stroll @ White Beach (take out of dinner and buying of grocery                                      supplies).


April 30, 2018-

-Restaurant Review

– Morning walk @ White Beach

– Private island Hopping @ 1pm


-Dinner and review of Mama’s Fish House

May 1, 2018       –

-Horseback Riding

– Transfer to Azalea Residences and hotel review

– LABORACAY celebration and feature

-family dinner and restaurant review

May 2, 2018 

-breakfast and restaurant review

– Parasailing

-Tirta Spa Review (for my Spa Detective Series)

treatment preparation

-dinner and restaurant review

May 3, 2018          –  Transfer to Estacio Uno

estacio uno seaside

-Terra Wellness Spa Review  (for my Spa Detective Series)

terra wellness2

-dinner and Restaurant Review

May 4, 2018 

-Last stroll in the island

-Depart from Caticlan to Manila

NOTE:  This is not yet final and could be updated for changes.  For suggestions of activities or place that you would like me to review, OR for collaborations, please contact me @




My Boracay 2017 Getaway (Day 2)

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Of all our Boracay trips, we felt that our last Boracay trip was the best.  Our first day in Boracay went well- we were able to explore DSB, rest, swim, walk, have dinner and have our night swimming 🙂  For day 2, of course, we knew that we had to be productive also.  As early as 4am, I was up and we prepared, sorted, and packed the clothes back in the luggages for our early check out at 11am.


jas veranda2

at the veranda


The pool was inviting me to have my morning swim but we decided to have our breakfast first before having our planned activities.  It’s a good thing that Discovery Shores offer their breakfast buffet for their guests at 6am.  

jas and yman breakfast1

breakfast @ The Sand’s Bar

After breakfast, we headed to the beachbeds in the beachfront to relax for a while and to have a quick morning swim. 

shane and jas lounge chairs


ready for the morning swim

After the morning swim, we headed back to the room to get ready for our Mermaid Photo Op.

3rd floor 1

Our scheduled meet-up was 9 am and we were advised to go there 30 minutes before.  I thought it was just a short walk , but I was wrong.   Shane was feeling lazy at that time to walk and was irritated at the same time because of the heat.  While we were walking along White Beach, we passed by Estacio Uno.  I really missed the seaside suite that we have stayed in last summer and I promised myself that we will definitely go back.


estacio uno seaside

Estacio Uno

Finally, we reached Fisheye Divers beside Starbucks Coffee to meet the mermaid swimming instructor.  After signing the agreement, choosing and fitting our tails, we had our photoshoot.  


with the mermaid instructor

with the mermaid instructor 

mermaid by the seashore

mermaids hello2

tails up 3


After the photoshoot, we fixed our things and checked out of DSB.  The concierge service arranged for our private tricycle going to Tirta Spa for my Anti-time treatment.



The Tirta Spa entrance

foot ritual ginger tea

the traditional foot wash

treatment preparation

my Anti-time facial and body treatment

After the treatment, I felt rejuvenated and because I just wanted to have that unique glow in my skin for the rest of the day, I decided not to take a shower or have an afternoon and midnight swim.   We went back to DSB and they dropped us to True Home Hotel for free.  (The only trouble we had was waiting for almost an hour because the DSB staff brought our luggages in the airport by mistake).


true home check in 1

the smooth check-in process with True Home Hotel

After checking in, we just decided to put our luggages in the room,  let our daughter have her afternoon swim and catch the beautiful sunset in the beachfront.


true home hat


beautiful sunset


lounge chairs1


shane's afternoon swim


Because it was getting dark, we walked from Station 1 to the D’Mall to find an inexpensive restaurant. Luckily, there was a vacant table and chairs for us in SMOKE Restaurant!   (This is one of my favorite restaurants in Boracay because the foods are reasonably priced and best of all– delicious!)

yman smoke menu


burger steak

Shane’s Burger Steak

spicy chicken

Hubby’s Spicy Chicken

chicken barbeque

My chicken Barbecue 🙂


After dinner, we bought some “pasalubongs”  like ref magnets, pair of earrings and bracelets.  We also went to the grocery store to buy coffee and chips.


ref magnets

Hubby shopping for ref magnets

After the long walk back to True Home Hotel, we decided to sleep early for another set of activities the following day.   We joined Shane in the living room because the aircon in our bedroom wasn’t working 😦


shane sleeping1


We had a lot of activities, but we were not exhausted– it was indeed a PRODUCTIVE DAY!



A Blissful Experience at Tirta Spa

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The primary reason of having my Boracay trip is to enjoy and forget all work-related stress.  It was an excellent decision that I have included Tirta Spa in my itinerary.  The renowned spa is stationed in Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc in Boracay Island- a 15-20 minute drive from the main road.  A visit here is perfect if you intend to simmer down for a while and forget about all the negative things that bother you.


Upon reaching the place, you will be astounded with the elegant entrance of the structure and picturesque surroundings showcasing a taste of different Asian cultures.  Our arrival was announced by the sound of the temple gong which releases all the negative energy.   Upon entering the lobby, I couldn’t help but to admire the choice of furnitures and decorations inside the lobby and seeing all the accolades speak why they are the best and number one spa in Boracay.


awards 3.jpg

All of the awards they have earned since they opened in 2007 proved that Ms. En Calvert, the owner and managing director (now based in Dubai)  has indeed succeeded in making Tirta Spa a world-class spa.  Since 2012, they have been bagging prestigious international spa industry awards – (“Best Day Spa in Asia and Asia Pacific” and “Best Luxury Day Spa”) in different organizations.  In 2015, they have received the Certificate of Excellence Award from TripAdvisor, thus enlisted them into Hall of Fame.

We were greeted by Rose, the front desk officer.   She gave us each a glass of  fresh calamansi juice and asked me to register.  Because I was still enthralled with every single detail in the lobby , I didn’t even notice that Rose was asking me to choose a spa package.  I selected the Anti-time Facial and body massage (one of the Biodroga Facial packages) because my skin needs pampering.  I would really want to achieve a youthful look.   I was asked to select an oil which will be used for the massage– I have selected Ylang-ylang because it helps to release stress and anxiety.

Before the treatment, I was fortunate to meet the gorgeous and charming manager, Ms. Cecille Acuna.   As we have a quick tour in the 1 hectare property, she shared to me how her sister, Ms. En had made Tirta the best spa in the island.  Because they already have made a name in the international spa industry, that was the perfect time to open a branch in Dubai.  For that reason, Ms. Cecille had to take over, and with the help of Ms. En, she was able to manage Tirta Spa.

with ms cecille

buddha with pons.jpg

Buddha with koi pond in each side.  In Japan, koi fish means good fortune or luck.

nature 1.jpg

The fantastic view itself will make you feel relaxed, what more if you have availed one of their spa packages?   Tirta is currently the leading spa in Boracay not only because of the impressive architectural design and exhilirating ambience, but of their superb service.  The rates might be considered exorbitant –because they are offering service beyond compare and all of the ingredients/products used are of premium quality.

On our way to the villas, we passed by Prashant Spa, a Tirta brand with affordable rates.   This is perfect to Filipinos who would like to have the Tirta Spa experience — same quality of service, same therapists, the only thing that differs is the ambience and set-up.  (A separate article will be posted in this blog about Prashant Spa).  On the second floor,  I have spotted a hidden haven- a luxury Home Stay accommodation at Tirta Spa.  (It will be featured in a separate post).

prashant jas.jpg

Prashant Spa- an affordable brand of Tirta Spa

the indonesian villa.jpg

At the Indonesian Royal Suite Villa

There are three Royal Suite Villas that you can choose at Tirta Spa (Indonesian, Thai and Indian-Moroccan Villa).  Each villa has amenities which include a private bathroom, bathtub and vichy rain shower.

inside the thai villa.jpg

This is inside the Thai Royal Suite Villa (where I had my anti-time treatment)

thai villa inside.jpg

coy fish2

Each villa has a coy pond


As I entered the Thai villa, a relaxing music was played- setting the mood for me to unwind.  Before the treatment, I was introduced to Lady (my therapist) and April (her assistant.  At first I felt uncomfortable, but they were very professional in dealing with their customers.  I was given complete instructions – from undressing, taking a shower, and putting my stuff in the safety deposit box. .


lady and april.jpg

The treatment started with the foot ritual..  “Tirta” comes from the Hindu word means “Holy Water”  which cleanses our body and soul and drives away  all the negative energy.  Lady placed a white flower on my right ear.and I was given fresh ginger tea.

ginger tea 1.jpg

Fresh ginger tea prepared by Ms. Cecille’s mother.

foot ritual before.jpg


foot ritual ginger tea.jpg

During the foot wash

After the foot wash, Lady presented the Biodroga products that she will use for my Anti-Time Facial and body massage which is priced at P7,320.   The authentic Biodroga products that they using are from Germany.

biodroga presentation.jpg


Biodroga products from Germany

Time has finally come and I had one of the most unforgettable activity in Boracay 2017– the Tirta Spa Experience!  Hubby and I had the complimentary massage by the beach last year (part of Estacio Uno’s package when you book with them), but it was a different experience.  Honestly, instead of feeling relaxed, I felt like I was beaten.

In the registration, I have chosen to have medium pressure in the massage and even requested to have a 10-minute focus on the upper back.   I was about to request Lady to shift into light  pressure in the leg part,   but she knew whether her client is comfortable or not.  As if she can read my mind, she asked me if I would like have the massage in lighter pressure.  She made sure I was comfortable in the entire treatment.   I didn’t hear any conversation from her and her assistant.   When she was talking to me, her voice was like that of one of the sirens ( a creature in Greek mythology who lured sailors with their enchanting music and voices).  I resisted the temptation to fall asleep because I would like to enjoy every second of the treatment.

treatment preparation 2.jpg

treatment preparation.jpg

After the treatment, I felt younger and rejuvenated.  I received a compliment from hubby and my daugther Shane told me that I looked young and I had a different glow.  For spa lovers especially those who would like to look and feel younger, I recommend Anti-Time Facial and Body Massage.

For inquiries or reservation, you may contact Tirta Spa directly.  They have different packages to choose from.

BORACAY LOGO tirta.jpg

Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay island, Malay, Aklan, 5608


Telephone Nos. +63 (0) 36 288 6841/ 288-6481

Mobile Nos.  0920 918 4857 / 0922- 892 8696

Disclosure:   The anti-time treatment I had was complimentary; however, all the opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.