Pretty in Pink (Shapes & Curves Swimwear)

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This is my favorite brand in swimwear- because of the classy styles and it suits my personailty as well.  I haven’t achieved my beach-ready body yet so I need a swimsuit that would look best in me and I found my perfect match 🙂




Photo Credits:  Aldrin Quisay

Taken at:  Discovery Suites Manila



A Private Dinner: Review of 22 Prime

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Last Monday, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Discovery Suites Manila.  I have arranged to have our dinner inside our suite instead of having it in 22 Prime where it is crowded as usual.  Also, we need privacy and we won’t feel at ease to have our photoshoot with many people watching.  I am really thankful to the management who extended their assistance to us in this special event; however, I have to share my thoughts about dinner.

I requested for a set-up in our suite because of privacy issues– I was informed that it will be charged P1,000 for this.  I agreed–thinking that it would be something really romantic like seeing the candle-lit table and other decorations.  I was surprised to find out that they just placed a tablecloth and nothing more… Honestly, I felt like we paid too much for the service.  Then, the foods were served.  Mr. Albert Fernandez, the F&B manager, even went to our suite and explained to me everything about our dinner.  He was very polite and professional while we were  there even in our email conversations.


complimentary bread with spreads


Wagyu Sirloin Steak

I ordered Wagyu Sirloin Steak for hubby- (P1413.24 net).  While I was taking a shower earlier, a staff from 22Prime called to ask if he wanted it to have medium done or well done. He preferred to have it medium done and according to him, it tasted good:-)  I couldn’t say anything about the steak because I don’t eat meat (except chicken and burger patty).


Roasted Airline Chicken

For myself, I ordered Roasted Airline Chicken (P1076.24 net).  It was just okay– nothing really special about the taste, but the chicken meat was soft.  I liked the mushrooms and the vegetables though.


Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese

I included Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese (P462.02 net) in our dinner because I love pasta.  For this, I will give them thumbs up.  I super looooove the cheesy pasta and the noodles were cooked al dente. I must say of all the foods that we ordered, only this one deserves its price.


Garlic Roasted Potatoes

The Garlic Roasted Potatoes (P315.96 net) only looks appetizing.  I was looking for the garlic taste but it was bland  😦


Chocolate Goddess for Dessert

For dessert, I chose Chocolate Goddess (P380 net).  I loved the taste of the chocolate and berries, but I wasn’t able to eat much because I was already full at that time.  Being a chocolate lover, i must say that it was divine.  It’s just that the serving was too small that makes it overpriced.


The last in my list is the Strawberry Mango Iced Tea (P489.20 net for 1 pitcher).  I didn’t order wine because I do not want to get dizzy and we still have to shoot for the anniversary video (winks).  That was refreshing and even the kids enjoyed the drink.

Overall, it was okay, but it could have been better if only they made it more romantic.  I will still recommend 22 Prime especially to those who go for fine dining.

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3 stars

22 Prime

 Ortigas 22nd Level Discovery Suites, 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1600  


Denim Madness OOTD

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Denim is COOL! I thought of having denim as one of our outfits in our wedding anniversary photoshoot for our casual look and everbody is telling me that they really like our outfit.  I ordered my denim jumpshorts by Something Borrowed via Zalora- P999.  Hubby bought his denim top by Code Blue- less than P700 in SM Department Store in Masinag.

Photo credits:  Aldrin Quisay

Photo taken on October 30, 2017 @ Discovery Suites Manila

Priceless Stay at Discovery Suites (Day 2)

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If you have read my previous post about Day 1 in Discovery Suites, I wasn’t that really satisfied.  I can say that it was because of our supposedly “romantic dinner”– it didn’t turn out that way:-(   I appreciated the effort of the hotel though that they get to know more about their guests and because it was our 15th wedding anniversary, they have prepared a welcome banner, anniversary cake and the bath tub with rose petals for us.  I just decided to sleep early so I can fuel up for the following day.


We had coffee when we woke up and started getting ready for the breakfast.  Yup, Restaurant 5 opens at 6am and we were late 😦  I was supposed to go there 10 minutes before the time so I can take photos of their food while there were no guests yet, but then because I have enjoyed my morning stay inside our suite, I didn’t want to leave yet.  By the way, I took a video of myself inside the bathroom.



One thing I like is the hot and refreshing bath– hehe, that’s pleasure for me 🙂  After taking a bath, we already have prepared ourselves for the breakfast buffet @ Restaurant 5.  They were strict with the dress code– they only allow smart casual attire inside.  There were variety of choices for breakfast and I was very pleased with this experience.  (A separate review will be posted about our breakfast buffet experience @ Restaurant 5).



After satisfying my tummy, we went back to the room to get ready.  We were supposed to leave my 10 year old daughter at the Kid’s playroom but unfortunately they were still closed at 8am, so we just left her and the other kid inside our suite.  We headed to the Balance Lifestyle Fitness Club at the 4th floor; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my rubber shoes so I wasn’t able to use their equipments.  Luckily, they have the female area where you can use the jacuzzi, steamroom and sauna.  I will be writing  about my experience here in a separate post.  Special thanks to Hannah and Joyce for assisting me 🙂


Hannah and Joyce of Balance Lifestyle Fitness Club


at the jacuzzi

Before 10 am we were already in the Serendipity Lounge for the photoshoot.  The ambiance was perfect and romantic.






It was fun and I would like to thank the management for assisting us.  Too bad, we were not able to taste the food because we were in a hurry to check out.  We were about to check at at 1pm and I was told that if the suite is still available after 1pm, we could extend for another hour.  We had to leave at 12:30 because we had to to go home for our 3 year old kid.

It was such an unforgettable experience and YES, we will come back some other time.

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Discovery Suites Manila

 25 ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila



A Luxurious Stay at Discovery Suites (Day 1)

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Because it was our 15th wedding anniversary and it’s something very special, I opted to have our staycation in one of the best hotels.  Though the facade looks old, Discovery Hotels are known for their five-star class and VIP treatment for their guests– that’s actually the reason why I decided to give it a try.  Discovery Suites is stationed in the heart of the Ortigas Center, along ADB Avenue (opposite The Podium).

Check in 1

The Check in Process


As we enter, we were astounded by the elegant, well-maintained and clean lobby.  It was a hassle-free check-in experience.  I was asked to present my valid ID and the front desk officer explained to me everything.  A deposit amounting to P2,000 should be made as well, but it will be refunded upon check-out.  Instantly, we were given two keycards and then we went to our two-bedroom suite on the 10th floor.


Wedding Anniversary Banner

The living room area with the Wedding Anniversary Greetings


their welcome treats

Free Anniversary Cake

the complimentary Wedding Anniversary Cake

Because we were kinda hungry at that time, we feasted on the chocolate cake.  Yummy!  All of us really enjoyed it.  Thank you for that, Discovery Suites 🙂


the complimentary bottled water, coffee and tea

Upon entering our suite, we were greeted by the wedding anniversary banner and the welcome treats on the table.  I really appreciate it that they get to know more about their guests and try their very best to please them.  Well, I  was impressed with our suite– contrary to what I have in mind, it has modern furnishings and you have almost everything that you can ask for.  The only thing that we were looking for during our stay was the outlets inside the master’s bedroom.  I always use my phone to take photos and to connect in my social media accounts, so I need to charge often.  It could have been more convenient if there were outlets in the room, so I can use my phone while resting.


beverages in the ref

There are bottled waters and refreshments inside the refrigerator (with a charge of course!), but you can just walk across the Podium @ the marketplace to buy groceries.



the queen-sized bed with rose petals


the bath tub with rose petals

Our bathroom has a bathtub and shower enclosure with toiletries and hair dryer.  I liked the shampoo and the shower gel, but I didn’t like the conditioner.  I appreciated the flower petals, but they should have asked when is the perfect time for them to clean.  It stains the floor and the towels as well.


our closet

The iron was a BIG help because we got to press the clothes first before the photoshoot.  We just had to carry the ironing board in the living room because there is no outlet inside our bedroom,

While we were having a tour in our suite, I got a phone call from Mr. Albert Fernandez (the F&B manager in 22 Prime).  He confirmed about the table set-up and delivery time of our dinner.  The phones are available in the living room, the two bedrooms and even in the bathroom– so convenient that if you need anything from the staff, it’s just one phone call away.

We brought the kids to the swimming pool– we didn’t have any plans of swimming, but since we had the area all to ourselves, we decided to have an afternoon swim! Towels are also provided so you don’t have to bring your towel from the room.  The water was cold and I was shivering–good thing, they have the jacuzzi 🙂


the swimming pool


in their swimming pool/jacuzzi area


our dinner

I have arranged to have our dinner in the suite instead because I knew that 22Prime was jampacked with guests at that time and we would like to use the dinner set-up for the photoshoot.  The dinner was served at 7:30 pm (Thank you to Sir Albert!)   Though, I couldn’t say anything negative to the service,  I wasn’t really that happy with the food– I think it was overpriced.   A separate review will be posted about 22Prime and Restaurant 5.   After dinner, we had our photoshoot (winks).


the photoshoot 🙂



After the photoshoot, I almost forgot that we had a complimentary pizza.  I called the front desk and after few minutes, it was delivered to us.  I really loved the pizzzzaaah- it was heavenly!


complimentary pizza

We have enjoyed Day 1 but I thought of having my beauty rest early.  I am really particular with having a quality sleep everytime I go for a staycation and with my night spent at Discovery Suites, I really had a peaceful sleep and I was able to rest well to fuel up my body for the activities lined up the following day.

Note:  Another review will be posted about my experience in Day 2 🙂

A Celebration of Love at Discovery Suites

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It is already our tradition to have a staycation everytime we celebrate our wedding anniversary.  This 30th of October was something really special because we celebrated our 15 years of being together inspite of the challenges that we have faced as a couple.  This is also memorable because for me, this is just the beginning and more surprises are still in store for us 🙂   Details will be posted soon (winks).


One characteristic that I have is being impulsive– one day I just realized that I wanted to do something and out of the blue, I was already in the process of making it a reality.  A part of the plan is also to make our wedding anniversary celebration something special– since we already have tried to spend our summer vacay at Discovery Shores last April, I just thought of giving Discovery Suites Manila a try.

I have booked directly from their website and  coordinated with the staff regarding my plans via email.  They were attentive with regards to details and I was flattered because they have extended their assistance to me and all my requests have been granted. (Special thanks to Engr. Allan Suarez, the Property Manager; Ms. Joyce Nadres, Front Office Manager; and Mr. Albert Fernandez, the F&B Manager).  This really means a lot to me.

Check in 1

The Check in Process

After attending a half-day seminar in school, we headed home to get our stuff and at 3pm we were already in the property.  The check-in process was hassle-free and the staff were very professional.

When we entered our two-bedroom suite on the 10th floor, we were greeted by these surprises. Discovery Suites is already known for giving extra care to their guests by treating them like VIPs.  We had a banner hanging above the windows that says: “Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary!” and a free anniversary cake for us.

Wedding Anniversary Banner

The living room area with the Wedding Anniversary Banner

Free Anniversary Cake

The Free Wedding Anniversary Cake


The queen-sized bed with swan towels 🙂


The inviting bath tub with rose petals

After enjoying the surprises inside our suite, we brought the kids to the swimming pool for their afternoon swim.  Since we have the pool to ourselves, we decided to swim also.




The dinner set-up in our suite

I opted to just have our dinner served in our suite.  The table was set up by 6:30am and foods were delivered at 7:30pm.



Overall, I could say that this celebration is the best though it’s the most expensive we had so far.  Anyway, it’s all worth it because we brought our two kids with us and they have totall enjoyed their stay in the hotel.

Note:    There will be a separate post about my review about their two-bedroom suite and their restaurants 22Prime and Restaurant 5.  Til next post, my dear readers 🙂

Photo & Video Credits:  Aldrin Quisay

TBIP in Discovery Suites (Preparation Phase)

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Every 30th of October, Hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary at a nearby hotel or resort for an overnight stay.  This year will be something very special so I have chosen Discovery Suites to be our place  for our 15th wedding anniversary.  The said hotel is known for giving excellent service to their guests by treating them as VIPs.  Though I wasn’t that satisfied with my experience last summer in Discovery Shores, I must admit that there were more positive things that we have experienced rather than the negatives, so I guess it’s worth giving Discovery Suites Ortigas a try.

jas veranda2

My stay at DSB last summer

I booked for a two-bedroom suite in Discovery Suites for our overnight stay directly from their website. I coordinated with their staff (Property Manager- Engr. Allan Suarez;  Front Desk Manager- Ms. Joyce Nadres and the Food and Beverage Manager– Mr. Albert Fernandez) and I was very pleased because they responded promptly and extended their assistance to us for our upcoming event.

I couldn’t wait but to share to you the photos and videos for our 15th wedding anniversary and at the same time post my review of Discovery Suites and their restaurants (Restaurant 5 and 22 Prime).  I will be saving some of my blog posts though and you will be reading those at the right time. (winks 🙂 )

Thank you in advance, Discovery Suites for being a part of this preparation.

My Hair SOS at David’s Salon

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hair damage


Two months ago, I just had my rebond in one of the salons in SM Masinag so I never thought that my hair would be like this– I paid for almost P3,000 and yet, I was dissatisfied.  There was no other option for me but to look for another salon.

Last week, when we were in the mall, I was supposed to go to another salon, but because it was already 6pm, I had to choose a salon inside the mall instead.  I stumbled into the sign outside David’s Salon- a hair color package with haircut for P3,000.  I grabbed their promo and went inside for my new look and hair treatment.

with ms doris


hair treatment

As soon as I was seated, the senior stylist assigned to me-Ms. Doris, approached me and asked about my preferred haircut length and asked me my preferred hair shade as well- I settled for milk chocolate.  The hair color lasted for an hour and while they were washing my hair, I was offered a hair treatment (a Loreal product for dry hair)  that I can apply at home.  According to the junior stylist (Daniel), my hair was damaged because of the highlights I had in my first rebond.  Though I was having second thoughts on buying it because it’s kinda expensive (P1050), I gave it a try when I was informed that it will only be applied twice per week and that you will no longer use a conditioner.




       I wasn’t expecting to have my have a miracle with my hair– I just had my rebond two months ago so I couldn’t have another rebond.  For now, I am happy with my new hair color and for the home hair treatment they recommended. Thank you to David’s Salon for this new look 🙂  I will definitely come back!

Long Weekend Thoughts

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Yay!  And so, we got this loooooong weekend because of the two-day transport strike, but to tell you honestly, a part of me is quite unhappy with it because we have a lot of catching up to do in school.  That is the reason why I didn’t take advantage of this to travel or bond with my family.  My idea of a perfect staycation or holiday is when you don’t think about work when you are already there; otherwise, your day will be totally spoiled.

We still have until Friday to have our performance task in my English 8 classes.  Aside from that, we also have to review for the upcoming 2nd Quarter Examinations and I haven’t given the students their summative test yet.  I still don’t have any idea if there will be changes with the activities and schedule– whatever they will come up with, I am just here to guide and support the kids in school.  Next week, we will be having our inset and I am looking forward to finish all of my tasks so I can finally take a break and enjoy.  

This coming October 30, 2017, my hubby and I, together with my two kids, will be having a staycation is Discovery Suites Ortigas.   Every 30th of October, we celebrate our wedding annivesary in a nearby hotel to unwind and celebrate the number of years that we are together as a couple.    This year though will be a bit different and I am hoping that everything will go perfectly as planned with the help of the Discovery Suites staff.  Our 15th wedding anniversary special will be posted in my Intagram, Twitter and Facebook account.  This is just the beginning because a lot of surprises is still in store for TBIP in 2018.  Watch out for my review of Discovery Suites here and in Tripadvisor 🙂