Idle Mode for 5 Months

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Honestly, I didn’t really know what happened, but it’s been five months that I haven’t blogged about my recent activities– this is already quite alarming! I must admit that I felt so lazy that  I didn’t even post about our Baguio trip last May and I am really soooooo guilty of myself and to my readers that I haven’t shared any post at all.  I just woke up one morning and thought that this couldn’t go on for so long and so, I AM BACK!
       I tried to figure out why and I guess I was just too exhausted.  Last month, I was confined in the hospital because of D&C procedure.  I still couldn’t understand why I had my abnormal uterine bleeding and for a week already I have my UTI attack.  I didn’t go to work because of pain and I need to rest.  I’ve been dealing with stress lately– to the point that I thought of quitting my job already.  It’s no joke, folks!  I’m dead serious about this.  If only I have enough resources this time and I already am debt-free, I wouldn’t have second thoughts and could’ve taken the plunge.  Well, it’s not easy as ABC and 1-2-3, unfortunately… I should accept that reality.  As days go by, I motivate myself that in few months, I would be able to get out of this (That’s the least I can do to help myself.)


october stats

       I just opened wordpress today and was quite pleased with the stats.  I couldn’t believe that I have readers everyday even if I don’t have new posts.  Oh well, the more I feel guilty!  I realized that I have stories that readers might be interested with.  Let’s name a few:
1. Tea Time @ Marco Polo Ortigas Manila 
2.  My Auto Loan Experience
3.  Nails Glow Xentro Mall Review
4.  Horrible experience and Harrassment from Fitness First
4. My 16th Wedding Anniversary (I cancelled booking in one of my favorite hotels Discovery Suites because of my UTI.)  I prefer booking somewhere near our place but still unsuccessful because Vieux Chalet isn’t responding to my email message and text message.
and more to follow…
Til next post, dear readers!





Blogging As A Passion

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So now, I’m a certified blogger, but hey, I have actually started blogging ten years ago and because of the nature of my work as an educator, I wasn’t able to give more time to create interesting stories and share it to the public.  I also shifted from different blogging sites until I finally decided to stick with WordPress.


Before, I only get to blog when I am on a summer vacation and I would like to share ablout my trip– now, it’s becoming an addiction.  It’s probably because I am inspired to write.  I have realized it’s not only about sharing my experiences; in fact, blogging is also a tool to inform the readers about something new or interesting.  Despite of my busy schedule, I try to squeeze some time (during the weekends) to feature establishments.  Since I am new in travel blogging, I will explore the Philippines first– and hoping to share about my experiences when I get to travel to other countries hopefully soon!

At first, you will be needing your own resources for traveling, but eventually, you’ll get to  to meet partners who will help in your journey as a blogger.  Given this opportunity, professionalism should be practiced at all times.  I always give my honest reviews about the places I’ve been to and I won’t feature something that I don’t believe in.  In order for you to have an interesting content, you also need to enjoy what you are doing.  I am quite surprised that now, I am managing to update my blog.   I have a lot in store for you guys– watch out for my next posts 🙂

Long Weekend Thoughts

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Yay!  And so, we got this loooooong weekend because of the two-day transport strike, but to tell you honestly, a part of me is quite unhappy with it because we have a lot of catching up to do in school.  That is the reason why I didn’t take advantage of this to travel or bond with my family.  My idea of a perfect staycation or holiday is when you don’t think about work when you are already there; otherwise, your day will be totally spoiled.

We still have until Friday to have our performance task in my English 8 classes.  Aside from that, we also have to review for the upcoming 2nd Quarter Examinations and I haven’t given the students their summative test yet.  I still don’t have any idea if there will be changes with the activities and schedule– whatever they will come up with, I am just here to guide and support the kids in school.  Next week, we will be having our inset and I am looking forward to finish all of my tasks so I can finally take a break and enjoy.  

This coming October 30, 2017, my hubby and I, together with my two kids, will be having a staycation is Discovery Suites Ortigas.   Every 30th of October, we celebrate our wedding annivesary in a nearby hotel to unwind and celebrate the number of years that we are together as a couple.    This year though will be a bit different and I am hoping that everything will go perfectly as planned with the help of the Discovery Suites staff.  Our 15th wedding anniversary special will be posted in my Intagram, Twitter and Facebook account.  This is just the beginning because a lot of surprises is still in store for TBIP in 2018.  Watch out for my review of Discovery Suites here and in Tripadvisor 🙂


The Negative Side of Being a Blogger

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                   Being a blogger is not an easy task– it requires HONESTY so that you won’t give your readers the false impression and details.  I create my blogs to inform them based from MY EXPERIENCES.  Part of being a travel blogger is also being a part of the Tripadvisor community (I also write to give my honest reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions).  Before I have joined TA as a contributor, I read reviews before I decide to book a hotel, so it was really amazing because now, it’s my turn to help the readers by writing GENUINE and HONEST reviews.
            After a week of my vacation in Boracay, I got the shock of my life when a staff from a hotel I have received a call in my mobile phone about my post in Tripadvisor.  They told me I should have talked to them about my complains (the small room and the malfunctioned aircon)  before I publish my post.  I said we opted not to talk to them anymore and just apologized politely for giving my honest opinion.  What I want them to realize is that reviewers are here NOT to convince other people—we are NOT promoters of those establishments.  I am NOT paid to write fake reviews.  I use my own resources to book hotels, so everything that I post in TA and in my blogs are based from my OWN opinion.  I gave them a link to my website so they can read my more detailed blog about their hotel.  
           Here is my purpose why I review hotels/resorts:  
1.  To help the management identify what they need to improve and conceptualize ways on how they can resolve those concerns;
2.  For the management to be aware of their best practices (what do the customers love in their hotel) so they can keep doing those;
 3. To help the readers decide on their next trip      
           So, I think you have figured out by this time what is the negative side of being a hotel reviewer– the management put the blame on YOU when you post something about your bad experience with them.  They should have dealt with the issue professionally.  I have received responses from the management of the other hotels that I have reviewed, but those were professionally written and I believe that they understand that once you are in TA, you should be ready for criticisms—positive or negative.
          With this experience, NOBODY can stop me from writing reviews.  As long as I believe what I do is right and I am not violating any rules, nothing can change my views.  Cheers and more reviews to come!

Weekend in Baguio 2015

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        Due to work-related stress, I just thought I needed a break- and voila… we just decided to go to Baguio for the International Seminar for English Teachers this November. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone (Bonding with colleagues and learning at the same time :-))

         When I learned that my colleagues will be staying in Teachers’ Camp, I was really scared because of the ghost stories I heard and read. I have opted to book in Villa La Maja Hotel instead. Thanks to my roommates- Ma’am Carm and Ma’am Gracy who patiently accompanied me in our 3-day stay in the hotel. The hotel allowed us to have an early check-in so we had the chance to unpack and take a shower before we register.with roommates.



  We headed right away to Teachers’ Camp to meet our colleagues who were given the opportunity to have the “first class suite”.



         After the registration at 8 am, we went to explore some tourist attractions. Our first stop was at the Botanical Garden.


           After the tour in Botanical Garden, we went to Mines View Park to see the breathtaking view.

           Lunch time! And it since it was my birthday, of course the day won’t be complete without spaghetti!


           In that particular day, I had time to find myself and I was able to discover a lot of things. REALIZATIONS: At the end of the day, I realized that I shouldn’t stress myself with nonsense. Everyday, we get to deal with different creatures. It’s your choice HOW you are going to handle them.  


The best way to start a morning is to smile and of course (the one I can’t live without)- my coffee.


        Day 2 of the seminar- is it worth the money that I spent for the registration? Yes! I have learned a lot of strategies in Reading that I can use in the classroom. The speakers are all good. It’s about time that we apply those strategies and make learning even more fun with the new technology. Say goodbye to the traditional way of teaching.



          Yay! Graduation day! Too bad, we had to leave Baguio on that day. We didn’t have enough time to explore Baguio and get some nightlife. We were planning to hit a coffee shop with a nice ambiance, but since we were really tired, we weren’t able to do so 😦 I accompanied my colleagues to go to the night market. I never thought it was worse than Divisoria. All I wanted to do was to take a good night sleep and have my beauty rest to have strength for the following day.



          Because we thought the graduation will be at 3pm, we have booked for our bus trip at 5:30pm. Surprisingly, it ended before lunch. We stayed in the room til 2pm and we headed to Victory Liner. We bought “pasalubong” for the last time and got ready for the trip back to Cubao. It was really tiring because we had to go to school after sleeping for few hours, but it’s all worth the time.


           Next time though, I will go to Baguio with my family and I will make sure I will get to explore the place in a week. Swimming in the hot springs is one of my to-do list. Watch out for that.

TARGET HOTEL:  Azalea Baguio or Microtel