Hotel H20:  Terrible Service from Beginning to End 

Part of my childhood days is visiting Luneta Park and after almost 3 decades, it’s a great feeling to be back.  Luneta is one of the most special places that’s  why I was thriled when I have learned that Hotel H20 is situated behind  Quirino Grandstand.  It is operated by Manila Ocean Park and since it’s a four star hotel I was expecting excellent service from them.  I used to pass by this hotel before and I would like to experience something unque- I perceived that it’s one of the reasons why they have that superior rating.


I booked a bayview room at this hotel via Agoda and I opted to settle the full payment at the hotel- the total amount to settle is P6K plus taxes.  I called their trunkline to confirm my reservation and asked if it’s possible for me to upgrade the room because according to the customer service representative, each room is only for 2 adults.  I had to pay for the extra person amounting to P1,200 and the buffet breakfast amounting to P1,600. I asked her over the phone how much is my total bill?  Her answer is P10,020.  I needed to know so that I can prepare in advance.

Upon reaching the place, there were two entrances– one for the Ocean Park visitors and another for the hotel guests.  There’s a door leading to the elevator (with a small lounge wherein you can relax).  Everything was classy- from the hotel interiors and furnishings.



shane lounge


yman and kyle 3rd floor

The hotel lobby is located in the 3rd floor– when I approached the front desk, the representatives were snobbish.  One representative told me, “Somebody will attend to you in a while.”  I have been to different hotels and resorts and I have not encountered that kind of treatment.  Part of customer service training is to welcome your customers with a smile. Nobody greeted us and offered welcome drinks which was very strange, especially to a 4-star hotel.  

I asked how much do I have to settle and I was surprised to know that my total bill is P17k plus.  The lady told me it was because of the upgrade but they didn’t tell me when I called that I have to settle that amount.  They said they were not able to charge my card- why the hell are they going to do that when I opted to pay at the hotel.  If you have chosen an option, it should be followed.   I think that was deception- if they will charge my card with P7k and I will settle the P10,020 at the hotel (If they were able to charge my card, I wouldn’t know that there are other charges because of the P10k I have settled in the hotel.  I wouldn’t know that I was charged with additional amount.  As a customer service representative, it is your responsibility to give crystal clear information.  I didn’t agree to pay the P17k plus and settled for the standard bayview room I have booked previously.  

The room was approximately 25 square meters with a queen bed. After 5 minutes, the room attendant knocked carrying a mattress for our additional person for the room.  We also ate the freebies- chocolate chip cookies, 2 cans of sodas and 2 bottled waters.  We planned to go to MOA but agreed to just stay in the room to rest.  

We just enjoyed the room and then we explored Ocean Park to buy inexpensive food.  

After spending the night, we planned to explore the place once again after having our breakfast.   We were about to go out of the room when somebody knocked.  I was surprised to know that I requested for room service for breakfast and I was asked to settle the bill.  I told the room attendant that I did not order anything and I have settled the full amount when I checked in.  I explained that I paid P400 per head- if they are going to deliver those, why is it that the food is only for 2 persons?  The attendant told us that if I paid for P400 it was for buffet breakfast.  He used the phone to verify and found out that the delivery is for room 3115 and not for 3215.  

Their buffet breakfast was okay- with variety of choices but they did not include pizzas and cakes.  For the juices, those are concentrated and not made of real fruits.  After the breakfast we headed to the White Moonbar to have photo session. 

After that we decided to go for a swim in their outdoor pool.  You have to go out and enter the pool lounge to reach the pools.  They have two swimming pools (roofed and the other one is open).  

We went back to the room before 11am to take a shower and prepare for checkout.  When I was checking out I was informed that I have additional charges. “HUH?  What additional charges?”  I asked.  The front desk staff told me that I have to pay for the additional person and buffet breakfast for 4.  I tried not to freak out and explained that I have settled the full payment upon check in. 

For a four- star hotel like H20, they should invest in giving their representatives seminar on giving excellent service.  Staycations should be enjoyed and it’s unfair for a customer like me who paid and then ended up NoT SATISFIED with their service.  

Boracay Activities with BPHT (The Island Hopping Experience)

Our Boracay 2017 Getaway is the best that I had ever because I carefully planned about it.  I  scheduled the Boracay activities on our 3rd day because I wanted to have all the time for ourselves and to feel relaxed on our last day.   We started with the zipline at 10am then we headed to Station 2 with Armel (our Guide from BPHT) and waited for our private boat. 

the view zipline

Island hopping is really recommended for those who would like to explore and enjoy Boracay.  Before, I didn’t want to engage in this activity- I felt like this is a waste of time but thanks to BPHT my perspective has changed.   

You can opt to book this by group (with other tourists) — or you can have a private boat.  I prefer having a private boat so you can control your time.  You can even  tell the boatman which places would you like to visit and you don’t have to wait for the other passengers.    You can bring your own lunch because the free lunch buffet is only for group island hopping.  We bought lunch in Andok’s and just had lunch when the boat stopped by Crocodile Island.

before the island hopping

At Station 2 while waiting for our private boat

The sight of the tranquil sea made me forget all my troubles even for just a while.  I felt like a kid again– amazed to see the different attractions.

in the boat 1


island hoppers

group of tourists 

turtle island

Turtle Island

island hopping 4

island hopping 3


aqua fun

Aqua Fun

crystal cove 1

Crystal Cove

I chose not to stop by Crystal Cove anymore because it will consume our time (but I promise that I will be back!) ; instead, we just had a tour enjoyed the different places.

aron magic island

Aron’s Magic Island


island hopping1

We were amazed to see vendors in the sea:  first one was the coconut vendor.  We bought 3 pieces of coconuts for P100.

buko in the island1

Buko for sale

The second one that we saw was the ice cream vendor.

ice cream vendor 1




When we were near Crocodile Island, we stopped by to snorkel.  At first, I was hesitant to jump into the water but the boatmen assured me that I will be safe.   I saw the amazing view under the sea- the coral reefs and the colorful fishes.   






Our last destination was the Puka Beach- it is smaller than the White Beach but the sand is not as fine as what they have there.

family pic puka 2

in Puka Beach

We lined up just to take photos here- a proof that we have been in Puka Beach!

puka 1


After that, we had a 15 minute swim before we finally go back to the boat.

shane puka beach


Thanks to our boatmen who were with us for 2 to 3 hours  (who also served as our tour guide and photographer) 

private island hopping

To book Boracay’s activities like island hopping, zipline, parasailing, etc. you may contact BPHT directly.


Manggayad Main Road, Talipapa Bukid

Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

Phone Number:  (036) 272- 1226

Mobile Numbers:  Smart (0920) 126 0307

 Globe:  (0977) 173 8552


Disclosure:  This activity was complimentary; however, alll the opinions in this blog post are my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


My Boracay 2017 Getaway (Day 1)

In our recent Boracay trip, we had some teeny tiny changes or some sort of-an upgrade or levelling up.  From Air Asia, I shifted to PAL (Philippine Airlines) and I was glad that I was able to get a good deal- I got the roundtrip tickets for three — (Manila to Caticlan and Caticlan to Manila) for ony P15k.  


before checking in the baggages


In our previous Boracay trips, we fly to Kalibo and take the loooooong 2-hour ride from there to Caticlan Jetty Port.  This time, we flew directly from Manila to Caticlan.


boracay airport

In Boracay Airport

I booked two hotels:  Discovery Shores Boracay (DSB) and True Home Hotel.  Though the per night rate in DSB is a highway robbery, I decided to give it a try because it already includes roundtrip transfers and they have good feedbacks in the blogs and reviews that I have read.  


In the Fairways Lounge



our dsb boat


in the boat

DSB’s private boat

Upon reaching the hotel, we were welcomed by Carlie and escorted us to our room.  

with carlie


shane poolside

It was just disappointing when we got into the assigned junior suite to us  because I felt the room rate wasn’t worth it.   Though I felt like that, there were inclusions that I liked in the room- the coffee and tea making facilities; toiletries, high-quality bedroom slippers provided and the turndown service every afternoon.


our room.jpg

Room 305- Our Juinior Suite Room

espresso machine

espresso 🙂



We planned DAY 1 specifically to just enjoy DSB and to have a walk along White Beach at night.  After putting our luggages in the right place, we had our complimentary foot wash.

foot wash jas

the complimentary foot wash in DSB

After the foot wash, we decided to just hang in the pool area while waiting for Shane.  We let her attend the activity in the Kid’s Room.   We just relaxed in the lounge chairs and watched the other guests swim.  After Shane’s activity, we had our afternoon swim.


activity in the kids room


jas and shane

in the swimming pool with Shane

jas pink bikini

yman and shane pool

Father and daughter bonding in the pool


After the swim, we looked for an affordable restaurant to have our dinner.  


the firedancers

night 1.jpg


island chicken inasal

Luckily, we spotted Island Chicken Inasal in D’Mall.– (I’m too glad the place wasn’t jam-packed with people at that time).  After the dinner, we headed back to DSB to have our night swim (Night swimming is until 9pm).


shower dsb2

in the shower area

night swim 1


We were not that exhausted, but we decided to rest and sleep early because we had to fix our stuff the following day, do the planned activities and have our early check-out and transfer to True Home Hotel.   




My Boracay 2016 Adventure Day 1

        One of the perspectives that has changed while I travel is my view about vacation.  Before, I don’t plan carefully about it, but now, I consider every detail as much as possible.  In my recent Boracay trip, I made sure that I have a good flight schedule.  My flight to Kalibo was scheduled in the morning and we were able to reach the island at around 3pm.  Though our flight was delayed, everything was taken cared of– thanks to BPHT transfer service ;)
              After checking in to Estacio Uno (seaside suite), we have stayed for about 45 minutes to 1 hour– we feasted our eyes on everything that we see— everything was so elegant and modern (from the design of the room, furnitures and appliances).  Because it was really relaxing to just stay in the room, we rested, but to decided to unpack our stuff when we have realized that we should make the most out of our 4-day stay in Boracay.
                      While we were unpacking, my son stepped out in the room and enjoyed swimming in the pool.
                  To stimulate our senses and replenish our strength (we are halfway-drained from the long  journey) hubby and I had a cup of complimentary coffee in the room. 
           After that, we have prepared ourself for our afternoon swim— a very quick swim in the pool and beach.
              After the quick swim, I have allotted time for our afternoon walk (our mission- to explore Station 1).
         We decided not to go for  activities, we just ENJOYED the stunning view and the beach.   
                    It was my son’s first time to travel in Boracay, so I let him savor every moment.  He was fascinated with the powdery white sand and wished he could get some, hehehe….
                  Then, we just walked around and appreciated the beauty of our FIRST  Boracay sunset 🙂
             We went back to ESTACIO UNO— time for our first NIGHT SWIMMING!  The water was very soothing– just warm enough.  We felt energized and actually planned of something to do.  It’s as if we didn’t arrive from Manila.  Energy status:  90%.
               After our afternoon walk and night swim, we have RELAXED and we had fun in the jacuzzi!   Sooooo relaxing, I didn’t want to step out of the tub anymore, heheheh!
              After the relaxing bath inthe jacuzzi, we decided to take Astoria’s FREE dinner buffet invitation.  
             After the delightful meal, we moved to their new resort in Station 3 (Current By Astoria) for  their 90-minute presentation, then we headed to D’mall and bought 3-in-1 coffee and cup noodles.  
            We didn’t go to the pubs to party and drink because our purpose in our trip was to RELAX and ENJOY the beach.  So, our daily activity was intended for walking, exploring, eating and swimming.
          A basket of fruits was waiting for us….. before we finally go to sleep.  Hubby ate some while watching TV.  I slept early to restore my strength and energy for the following day.  
Hubby was sound asleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzz!
                           Day 1 was really exhausting, but we were able to enjoy the whole day 🙂