My Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot Outfits

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Despite of the stressful week, I have managed to schedule my wedding anniversary photoshoot at Discovery Suites Manila last week.  Since this will be something very special, I had to choose my outfits carefully.  I have used three long dresses for the said photoshoot.




Black dress by Karimadon

I bought the two dresses last year at Karimadon in Robinson’s Metroeast.  Each dress costs more or less P3k.  It fitted me well because I personally went to the boutique unlike the last dress that I just bought online, the bust part was too big 😦


I ordered this dress online via Lazada. I chose INT’L Medium because it fits my hips (37-38) but it doesn’t fit the bust area.  I brought a pocket sewing kit with us and the pin saved my day, but it was not comfortable and I felt like anytime, the dress would go down and I would be stripped, heheh.  Thanks to our photographer, Mr. Aldrin Quisay for the beautiful and creative shots.


Pretty in Pink (Shapes & Curves Swimwear)

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This is my favorite brand in swimwear- because of the classy styles and it suits my personailty as well.  I haven’t achieved my beach-ready body yet so I need a swimsuit that would look best in me and I found my perfect match 🙂




Photo Credits:  Aldrin Quisay

Taken at:  Discovery Suites Manila


Denim Madness OOTD

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Denim is COOL! I thought of having denim as one of our outfits in our wedding anniversary photoshoot for our casual look and everbody is telling me that they really like our outfit.  I ordered my denim jumpshorts by Something Borrowed via Zalora- P999.  Hubby bought his denim top by Code Blue- less than P700 in SM Department Store in Masinag.

Photo credits:  Aldrin Quisay

Photo taken on October 30, 2017 @ Discovery Suites Manila

TBIP Summer Fashion Blog Coming Up

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jasmine profile pic.jpg

   Photos By:  Aldrin Quisay

Note:  These photos were taken in Baguio City last December 2016.

           Hey there!  It’s been a while since I updated this site.   I will be featuring my summer outfits for a 4-day adventure in Boracay next week.  Watch out for the contents of my pink luggage  (from dresses, tees and shorts, swimsuits to active wear).   

Formal Fashion in Karimadon

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            I’ve seen and heard of this boutique a lot of times and probably been there for few times, but I never bought anything there.  My first impression was– EXPENSIVE.  As a fashionista, I don’t only consider the appearance and quality of my outfits;  I also consider my budget in buying my clothes and accessories.
               Last month, we were damn busy that I didn’t really have the time to shop for our school’s big event.
           It’s just recently when we had a pageant in our school that we, English teachers, had to buy either black, silver or gold dress for the said event.  I finally got the chance to own a classic black dress from Karimadon because my co-teacher informed us that she bought a dress around P500 there.  If I didn’t know about the price tag, I wouldn’t have been there!  I never thought that it would be that affordable.  I saw the dresses- they are in different categories.  You can have the brand-new dresses or gowns at around P3k to P4k.  There are discounted dresses (20% to 50% off).  Because I was in a tight budget, I settled for the discounted items.  I actually bought two dresses- the first one was meant to be worn in the pageant (worth P1,800) and the black tube dress for the MNHS Socialization Night (worth P380).
The usherettes in the MNHS Ultimate Divergent 2016
                                    It was really worth the price because I got praises from the people around me that I looked great in my dress– it was simple yet elegant and most of all AFFORDABLE.   As a satisfied customer, I went there again after a week for my cousin’s debut.  I was supposed to be one of the emcees so I decided to buy another one.  The latest I bought was too simple but i found it classy.  There are no diamond studs or other stones to adorn the dress, just an off-white lace and my body to give shape to the long fitted dress.  I always believe that no matter how simple your dress is, the thing that matters is how you will bring life into it.
I bought the dress for less than P2000!
with the Grade 8 Teachers
with the English Department
with the TEAM BARBIE
                   The surprise I got the following day after the MNHS Socialization night was an award- who would’ve thought I would won Miss Fashionista for Grade 8?  I was not too confident of my figure yet because it’s still holiday season and I would be dead serious in losing weight AFTER New Year.  Wow, this is the start of my inspiration (to get a summer-ready body).  
                   To those who are looking for formal dreses/gowns, I highly recommend Karimadon.  They have branches in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and Robinsons Metro East.

My Boracay 2016 Packing List

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          My previous trips to Boracay has taught me a lot, so I have come up with my own packing list.  I knew that every single day would be “pictorial day” so I decided to bring several swimsuits and summer outfits.  I have anticipated that I would exceed my baggage allowance so I paid for checked-in baggage.  Well, I think I brought too much because I wasn’t able to use the other clothes, but it’s fine– it’s better to have extra clothes than run out of outfits.  Here are some tips that will help you in your Boracay trip based on my last trip.

1.  Choose your summer outfits ahead of time.  I purchase swimsuits and summer outfits every month (as early as July).  If you will buy in Boracay, it will be more expensive.

2.  Bring travel bags if you don’t have a suitcase.  I brought my pink travel bag I got from Heartstrings for P500 (for my clothes) and the other striped see-through bag that I got from Robinsons East Mall for P299 (for my accessories and other stuff).  (Next time I will buy a pink suitcase :-))


3.  It’s optional if you will bring your own towel. Hotels provide towels for their customers.  I still brought my pink towel because I bring it with me everytime I go out to the beach and swim.

4.  Bring at least 4 pairs of undies and bras.  After swimming, you need to get ready for another outfit/s for walking and partying.  

5.  Match your eyewear with your outfit– bring at least 3 or 4 sunglasses or shades.

6.  Hotels will provide you with toiletries, (I didn’t bring any) but you should have your sun protection and hair vitamins.  If you don’t like to load your bag with these, you can buy these from the grocery store.  



7.  Bring slippers ( I brought 2 pairs from Banana Peel) and beach sandals to match your clothes.  I got the white one from Parisian in SM Masinag for only P399 and the black one from Cardam’s in Robinsons Metro East for more or less P750.



8.  If you want to have picnic with your loved ones, bring a beach mat. I got mine from Robinsons metro East for P250. You can also put your things here while you swim (just make sure that someone is watching or taking care of your important belongings).



9.  You will need beach bags.  I got a big one from National book store for P299– this is where I put my towel, sun block, selfie stick, shades, mobile phone and my sling bag.  I got my pink sling bag from Robinsons Metro East for P199.  I use this if I go to restaurants to have dinner– I have cash and my credit card wallet inside.  



10.  Cash and credit cards.  It really depends on your lifestyle and spending habits.  I spent between P1000 to P1500 for the 3 of us for our meals (We had free breakfast in Estacio Uno for 2 days) so we just ate in affordable restaurants like Smoke, Villa de Oro Restaurant, Carusso Restorante Italiano and Andoks.  Fruitshakes (Jonah’s Fruit Shakes and Estacio Uno Cafe)  and crepes (Crazy Crepes) range from P120-180.  We bought 3-in-1 coffee from Budget Mart so we didn’t have to order from Starbucks or from other cafes.  In case you run out of cash, you need to bring your credit cards with you.

11.  I brought one visor with me because I didn’t want to carry a big hat 😦  I just bought one from one of the vendors in White Beach for P250.  

12.  You need your cell phone for important messages and of course to take pictures.  While i was there, I still managed to have business transactions.  Good thing, we have FREE wifi connection in Estacio Uno.   Do NOT forget to bring a charger and a powerbank with you.  

I3.  Don’t forget your travel documents/vouchers and identification cards.

           I hope this will help you plan with your next trip in Boracay 🙂