Weekend Plans

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Because it is indeed a stressful week at work, home and other things I have in mind as of the moment, I just thought that I deserve to be rewarded and pampered.  This way, I will still look fabulous and gorgeous despite some problems.  Here’s what I have planned for this weekend.

  1.  TGIF (Thank God It’s Fitness Friday!)

Before I go to work, I will go to Fitness First Metro East branch to have my morning workout.  This way, I will be able to burn some calories and be close to achieving that bikini-ready body this coming April.  Below are the videos from my last session with my trainer.


2.  TGIF relaxation night @ Soulscape Spa Marcos Highway

After work, I will head to Soulscape Spa for my destressing session.  I deserve a relaxing Volcanic Hot Stone massage after the stressful week.  I will be able to have a good night sleep (I will take advantage of that and probably it is fine to wake up late the following day).


Ella & Rose



I’m planning to go to the salon to have a consultation regarding  my very dry and damaged hair.  I’m thinking if it’s possible for my hair to be rebonded at this time.   Honestly, I already have a phobia with cheapy salons that’s why I am really careful in choosing one right now– the only salon that I trust this time is David’s Salon.

hair damage


Another way to destress is to pamper my very tired feet (foot spa time)  and if possible, get a pedicure too!


If there is still time, I would like to purchase the following:  liquid foundation, blusher, and pink lipstick.


If heading to Ayala Feliz is possible, I will scout for a coffee shop/pizza parlor to hang out with hubby and the kids for an hour or less.

There might be some changes with my plans, but I am positive that I will be able to accomplish at least 95% of what I have listed here.




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